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Industrial Relations

A harmonious relationship is necessary for both employers and employees to safeguard the interests of the both the parties of the production.

We at Santkrupa aim to

  • Safeguard the interest of labor and management by securing the highest level of mutual understanding and good-will among all those sections in the industry which participate in the process of production.

  • Avoid industrial conflict or strife and develop harmonious relations, which is an essential factor in the productivity of workers and the industrial progress of a country.

  • To raise productivity to a higher level by putting a check to high frequency of absenteeism.

  • To eliminate, as far as possible and practicable, strikes, lockouts and gheraos by providing reasonable wages, improved living and working conditions, said fringe benefits.

  • To establish government control of plants and units that are running at a loss or in which productions have to be regulated in public interest.

  • Improve the economic conditions of workers in the existing state of industrial managements and political government.

Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations